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Trustworthy Advisor – Partner

To make the Data Center operational, we need more than just high-quality equipment, professional installation and well resolved power supply. Maintenance is a key component meaning business continuity needs to be ensured through proactive maintenance and an SLA contract.

Every day new demands and challenges appear in the IT sector and they need to be taken into account in the process of planning, design and implementation of Data Centers. The need for constant availability, the pressure through the requirements for optimization, consolidation, cost savings and expenditure control often lead to the fact that little or no attention in the planning process is paid to a very important element of the reliability of the Data Center, and that is the regular service and maintenance. Even when maintenance is considered in the planning stage, few companies understand the comprehensiveness of this process. The general impression is that apart from the factory warranty there is no need for systematic maintenance as a condition for safe and uninterrupted operations, there is no real awareness that every single system, just like a Data Center, is a complex organism made of elements which have a casual connection; and that a system is as strong, reliable and stable as its weakest and smallest link. Particular attention should be paid to the sustainability and justification of investments into high-value equipment and to the fact that we can hardly justify the investment if we don’t provide functionality, maximum utilization and reaching a defined lifespan by sticking to defined and comprehensive maintenance.



The safest investment to give you the peace of mind is actually entrusting complete maintenance to a partner with a high level of service capacities and a wide range of service partnerships, with an experienced and skilled personnel structure and resources. A company that can give you a complete service for your Data Center, and at the same time for each segment separately, which may or may not be an integral part of the Data Center from the phase of assessment, planning, design, implementation, maintenance, monitoring, management and much more. Then you can be sure that you have a reliable advisor and partner, that you ensured an optimum premium package of services and the best possible treatment for your investment. A loose approach to preventive maintenance and proactive service imposed a need on the market to develop specifically advanced - upgraded SLA services.Mistakes made in the initial stages of planning and the lack of a systematic approach to maintenance after installation and commissioning of equipment, can be compensated for through a very high level of service support, constant monitoring, proactive and corrective services, a very short response time and a defined system recovery time so that all possible functional failures can be solved as soon as possible. To meet the specific needs of the market, it is necessary to have an extremely high level of very specialized personnel, technically specialized capacity , specific diagnostic tools and equipment, carefully chosen stock of spare parts of high density and all of these centralized in one place. However, even all of these are not sufficient without adequate and systematized knowledge base and well-organized network of service support. ENEL PS is highly specialized in the field of uninterruptible power supply, systems for precise and comfortable air conditioning, diesel electric generators and so on, which is confirmed by more than 150 active long-term maintenance contracts of a high level of priority which is why ENEL PS has been an elite Data Center for twenty years and a service partner of Schneider Electric. 

Author: Nebojša Ćosović, Director of Service Center