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The Modular Concept of the Data Center

Modern ICT business and constant changes in the IT equipment imply modularity, efficiency and manageability of a Data Center, and this especially applies to the UPS power supply and cooling systems. ENEL PS has successfully implemented the TIA 942 standard.

Prefabricated Data Center elements allow:

  • simpler design and construction
  • shorter time of implementation with low risk and
  • easy expansion

Prefabricated elements can be basic elements of infrastructure, such as IT units modules (IT pod), electric power supply and cooling. Besides, there are usually grouped prefabricated units but in the end, there are also prefabricated all-in-one Data Centers. Infrastructure modules provide the highest level of DC reliability, because they are independent, they are not functionally connected to other modules, so in case of failure of one module, others can endure the necessary capacity (redundancy N + 1 or N + N). Reaching the level of reliability Tier III or Tier IV, and later certification of the accredited body, is easy thanks to this simple concept. UPS power supply modules contain everything you need for a continuous supply of clean power supply, including external bypass cabinet in case of the UPS repair, the distribution of power supply to consumers with switches, fire detection and fire extinguishing, as well as the cooling of the container with the equipment. Prefabricated containers for outdoor use are a special category. They provide several advantages compared to all other solutions of the Data Center:

  • they overcome the problem of the lack of space in the facility (installation in the courtyard);
  • they overcome problems related to fire protection conditions and the conditions related to the carrying capacity of the floor and installation verticals in the facility (the buildings are mainly designed for people, while the equipment is significantly heavier per square meter);
  • the easiest and fastest assembly (crane unloading and installation);
  • they shorten delivery (assembly) period.

The modular concept of the Data Center 

The TIA942A standard 

The costs of failure or downtime of a Data Center have become more expensive in the last five years and companies are more than ever confronted with the consequences. One minute of downtime costs 8000 dollars on average. This cost includes damage to mission critical data in the Data Center, the indirect impact of the incident on organizational productivity, damage to the equipment (infrastructure) which broke down, the legal and administrative costs that accompany such an incident and in the end the cost of shaken confidence. The Data Center downtime is a serious threat and a serious reason for a comprehensive analysis of risks and operations costs. The simplest analysis of annual income (8,600 hours per year) can provide a quick assessment. How can a standard save you from unwanted incidents? TIA942A is the most important standard for Data Centers and most used worldwide. Its most important role is to keep investors from unnecessary costs in certain segments of the Data Center infrastructure. It covers all segments of the Data Center (an acronym TEAM): 

  • telecommunications equipment 
  • electrical installations
  • architecture (including: physical safety, security, fire protection ...)
  • mechanical installations TIA942A distinguish four levels of reliability where Rated 4 is considered the highest one 

By a thorough analysis of the business continuity plan and planning reliability according to the level 3 or 4, you will save unnecessary expenditure for equipment and achieve a high level of reliability with the possibility of simple maintenance of the Data Center while in use. TIA is accredited by ANSI (a member of the global ISO organization for standardization) for the creation, revision and improvement of the TIA942 standard. 

Author: Miloš Stojković, Solutions Product Manager, ENEL PS